Lt Joe Kenda of Homicide Hunter Outlines Murder of Army Soldier Christopher Walton

Lt Joe Kenda, Homocide Hunter, Investigation Discovery

When a massive brawl erupts at a local bar, it ends with the shooting death of a young army soldier. To unravel the murder, Lt. Joe Kenda must infiltrate a revered military institution, and expose a dangerous vendetta. –Homicide Hunter, Investigation Discovery

Lt. Joe Kenda of the Homicide Hunter series on Investigation Discovery discussed the murder of Christopher Walton, a US Army soldier stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. What started out as a good night out on the town turned deadly after two rival units started a brawl at a local bar in Colorado Springs. The fight spilled outside of the bar and that’s when Christopher Walton was shot with a gun in the neck. Christopher Walton was getting ready to get out of the Army and move back to North Carolina. He was a described by his friends as a really good guy who took care of people.

As Kenda investigates the case, which is in his jurisdiction, he learns that a few months earlier a couple of soldiers got in a fight over a girl and that’s when everyone chose sides and the rival began. The rival was between the artillery unit and the maintenance unit at Fort Carson. An informant told Kenda that she thought Chris Smith may have committed the murder. Kenda pays Chris Smith a visit and in deed finds a gun similar to the gun they were looking for in his possession. It was later determined by ballistics that this gun matched the bullet recovered from Christopher Walton’s body.

Chris Smith was arrested for the murder of Christopher Walton. He never admitted to the murder and told Kenda that he had given the gun to someone else that night but would not give up the name. While Smith was in custody, the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) called Lt Joe Kenda to tell them they had a witness to the event and they thought he might have the wrong guy. The witness, Eric Walker, identified Leroy Davis as the actual shooter. Leroy was a member of the artillery unit at Fort Carson which was the rival unit to Christopher Walton’s maintenance unit.

As it turns out, Chris Smith was telling the truth. He did give the gun to someone that night outside the bar after shooting it in the air because he didn’t want it on his person. Eric Walker told Kenda that Chris Smith gave the gun to Leroy Davis who eventually returned the gun back to Smith. Chris Smith refused to implicate his Army brother, even after he was arrested and jailed.  According to Walker, Christopher Walton pushed one of the artillery unit members and Leroy Davis acted on emotional impulse, pulled the gun out of his jacket, and shot Walton in the neck causing his fatal injuries.

For some unknown reason, Leroy Davis faced a court martial as opposed to a being tried by the civilian courts in Colorado Springs. Lt Joe Kenda described military discipline as a whole different game, sharing that they are “draconian and ruthless.”  The military has its own internal justice system and has been at the center of a controversial debate in Congress for the past few years over the way it handles violent crimes.  In this case, Davis was sentenced to twenty years at Fort Leavenworth where he will be expected to do hard, physical labor the entire time.  We learned from one of the soldiers present at the scene that fifteen military members from Fort Carson got discharged as a result of their involvement in this incident.

“Christopher Walton was a victim of friendly fire.” ~Lt Joe Kenda

Homocide Hunter: All Hell Breaks Loose In Club Brawl Leaving A Young Soldier Dead

12 thoughts on “Lt Joe Kenda of Homicide Hunter Outlines Murder of Army Soldier Christopher Walton

    1. do u have any pictures or anything of him..are u still in army we think about chris everyday he was a brother of 5 …

      1. I got out of the Army in 96. I will have to check my storage for pics. Did Walt have a twin…? I remember a brother came to Colorado Springs and I spoke to him on the phone.

      2. no twin..i came to Colorado for the trial I was the brother under the time he had to older brothers in the army..he got a son who never got a chance to see him cause he was a new born when chris was killed ..but if u do find sum photos of him please let me know here is my email

    1. Hey what’s up I’m a brother of Chris also and would like to see some pics or have any info on anything.. Contact me on Facebook..Emanuel walton

  1. Just saw a rerun of Homicide Hunter. In the end of the show, they said that Chris Smith was charged, but they didn’t explain the charge, or the sentence. What was the charge and sentence, please.

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