1425188Welcome to my website! When I get passionate about something, it’s on. I am a veteran. I have a BA in Social Work and Criminal Justice from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and a MA in Public Policy and Management from the Muskie School of Public Service. I worked for a short time as a social worker after graduating from college and then I joined the Air National Guard initially to get help with my master’s degree. After I went to basic and advanced training, I was hooked. I felt a sense of purpose and pride in wearing the uniform. My new goal was to work on becoming an enlisted leader and retire after 20 years. Things didn’t work out as expected but I turned what happened to me and why my military career ended early into something positive.  Now I have a deep passion for victims of crime and those who struggle with mental health issues. But I also have other passions like history, nature, state and national parks, the Caribbean, our ecosystems, and the environment. I am especially interested in protecting all of our water sources in the USA and the world. Traveling is my thing and I am drawn to the mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean. I have a great appreciation for all life and will do my part to protect humans, animals, and nature. We should all work in harmony to preserve this beautiful world for sustainability purposes and recreation. Nature and water are healing. Get some.

This is my website dedicated to victims of crime: Military Justice for All

Twitter: @military_crime

Instagram: @military_crime and @jennifer_s_norris

Resume: LinkedIn

B.A., University of Alaska Fairbanks, Social Work; Justice (1994)

M.A., Muskie School of Public Service, Univ of Southern Maine, Public Policy & Management (2005)

Personal Story and Testimony of TSgt. Jennifer Norris, US Air Force Retired, Before the House Armed Services Committee in Washington DC (January 23, 2013)

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  1. It is my pleasure to meet you and have this opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done. Coincidentally, my own post today is a reblog about women in WWII. It will be interesting to hear your comments on future and/or past posts.

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing your story and your life’s dedication to helping others. I am not military but have been suffering what I believe to be PTS. Do you know of any treatment centers like the one you went to that would help a non-military woman? Thanks

  3. Who is Jennifer besides everything she has accomplished? She is a Survivor, she is a true Patriot, she is the most non greedy person I’ve ever come in contact with, and aside from many other positive words to explain Jen’s character, she is the Blessing my sister, (R.I.P) has helped me come in contact with. When my sis passed away in 2014 from what my family and I are still seeking truth and closure in cause of death, I aimed to seek out someone, anyone, with a heart ❤️ that could actually give us proven info in the cause of my sis’ death. I contacted Jen, because for some reason, her story grabbed me, I read it and I’m sure my Guardian Angel urged me to contact her. Since the day she, out of dozens I contacted, responded, she has been my mentor, my advisory in life scenarios, given me insight and knowledge, had to calm me down (lol) and basically just been a true life friend. Without Jen, tryin to understand and continue my fight for truth wouldn’t have been as calming for me if I didn’t have Jen as my rock to advise and motivate me. My sister was only 11 months older then me, but to me, she is my Hero, a true Patriot, a Blessing in my life and her death, she was the rock that held our family together, the same characteristics I see in Jen and I can’t thank my sis and God enough for helping me unite with such a blessing to many women and men in this world. What Jen takes time out of her life to help others with is outstanding, but to turn her negative situation into a positive assistance for others, is more then amazing, as many others would have turned negative against all others and walked around with a chip on their shoulder towards all man kind. Thank you Jen, for helping me when I felt all the world was against me because I took a stand against believing the false stories told to us from the the Military personnel who were around my sis at the time of her death. People often ask, Aren’t you afraid to go against the Military, (which I’m not, all we want is closure and truth) and with a smile and confidence, I respond, shouldn’t those who have lied in the Army be afraid? I have God’s Army backing me up and I think his is larger then imaginable, not to mention, the awesome people who stand with me and behind me as well!! I always said, my sister was better off alive because now she has God’s ammunition to complete her mission and right some wrongs.. And I believe Jen is a part of my sis and many orher’s Hero’s Hero God has put into those who have lost loved ones or faced unjust unfairness in the world we call America, the land of the Brave, and she wears that title well! Luv you Jen and continue to be the Rock you were put in this world to be!!

      1. No Thanks needed because you very well deserve it!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, my family, and our Guardian Angel, SSG Virginia Caballero…

  4. Hello,

    Today I watched a show on The History Channel called LockDown, and this episode was about the documentation of three different inmates that had been locked up a few years, but had not gone to trial yet, or been sentenced. One of those three people was Rosemary Vandecar. The story was really interesting. They first showed her and she looked like someone’s mom. They told a back story on her about all her education, the non profit she worked at, and much more. She came across as meek, nice, innocent, and I for sure was confused. The episode continued, and I heard the prosecutors side, as well as her lawyers. But this was just an hour long show, so there wasn’t many details on why they think it was her. Her lawyer for sure made it seem as her son killed him, cause he was a wounded vet, who had ptsd, and only he could of been strong enough to commit this crime, not this small, frail, older women. In the end of the show, they has her in the court room to deliver her guilty verdict, or not guilty verdict. I thought they would let her go. The verdict was read, “Guilty”. I was shocked. I even was so captivated by this story, I came downstairs and told my husband to watch it. I decided after the show I needed more information about this evidence they had, and how they were so sure it was her, or what her son had to say about all this. I read lots of articles, and kind of found useful things, and then I found your article, “A Stranger in my Home”, written by, you. I read it from top to bottom, and then handed my phone over to my husband so he could read it. We were both like , wow, now we understand what happened! With all this being said, I needed you to know how truly amazing you are. I was really drawn to your detail, and the way you wrote the story. I think you are super talented. I told my husband that I love the way this woman wrote this! And then I went on a search to find you and let you know how I felt, cause people deserve to know these things. You are a very gifted writer. I love to write, and one day hope to write a book about my story. That’s a whole other topic, but I am just blown away by you and hope to have the pleasure to meet you one day, or one day send you my book. When ever I stop being afraid to write it, lol. But even if all that doesn’t happen, I want you to know I really enjoyed your article, and am looking forward to reading more things by you. Best wishes to you and your family.

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