Christine Hassing Published ‘Jennifer and Onyx’ | Our Story of Triumph & Hope After Military Sexual Trauma (February 17, 2019)

Jennifer Norris and Onyx
Jennifer and Onyx

“Sometimes God will put the Goliath in your life to find the David within you” – Unknown

“I, Jennifer, entered this life vowing to fulfill two things; that I would serve and that I would lead. Like the missions I promised to give my all to, to the death if need be, my soul also promised into all of life I would lean. Life is lived one moment at a time, yet the moments stitch together into a large tapestry. Moments that, had they not been experienced, would leave the canvas incomplete. I’ve had times I longed to take scissors to a section, to rip it away clean. I’ve also come to understand that these sections are an essence of me.” Read more from Christine Hassing here.

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4 thoughts on “Christine Hassing Published ‘Jennifer and Onyx’ | Our Story of Triumph & Hope After Military Sexual Trauma (February 17, 2019)

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Is there a way I could contact you offline? I’m currentky working on raising awareness about a novel PTS/TBI for treatment for Veterans. Was wondering if you would have time to discuss?

    * I left my email below.


    Chris Mathews

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