Sandals Grande Antigua: “I had the time of my life and I owe it all to you”

Map of Antigua (

We stayed at the Mediterranean Honeymoon Romeo and Juliet Oceanview Penthouse One Bedroom Butler Suite at Sandals Grande Antigua located along the coastline of Dickenson Bay near St. John’s. It was an incredible experience. I included this Dirty Dancing video because not only do I love this dance but I love this song, and this is the official Sandals ad song. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the experience they provide for couples.

My husband and I saved and scraped on our fixed income for a ten year anniversary trip to Sandals Grande Antigua and we had the time of our lives! We are so thankful for the amazing experience with Sandals, the kind and genuine staff, and the friendly locals. We celebrated our love and recognized how far we had both come to get to this point. It wasn’t easy but hard work and love conquers all. We feel so blessed to have visited the beautiful country of Antigua. We enjoyed the activities offered that allowed us to experience the beauty of the island and the kindness of the people. Thank you Sandals for the discount that you offer to active duty and retired military personnel. We saved for the original amount and the discount allowed us to upgrade to a butler suite with an ocean view.

We loved our room and we loved our butlers Vakesha and Tamara. They were so good to us. Although we didn’t realized it at the time, we discovered that their assistance helped us greatly with our mental health disabilities. They guided us in a way that prevented us from becoming overwhelmed, anxious, and irritable. They helped us plan for the expected and unexpected. They accommodated any special requests with kindness and a genuine concern for us. We fell in love with them and because of our cognitive and mental health struggles, we will always get butler service at your massive, all accommodating resorts. The discount you gave us allowed us to use the money to pay for a form of disability assistance, and it was the most amazing assistance anyone could ask for. As a matter of a fact, we already have reservations for a butler suite at Grande St. Lucian planned in a couple years.

Our first day at the resort, we went to the beach and then got deep tissue massages at the spa in the afternoon. It was a great way to start the vacation.

Dickenson Bay at Sandals Grande Antigua

The following day was my 45th birthday and the fifteen year anniversary of the day Lee and I met at the NCO Club at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. To celebrate the occasion, I got my hair and make-up done by Alison at the Spa and we got some professional photos taken by Omega. Both Alison and Omega did an incredible job. Alison’s hair-do choice matched my dress perfectly (and she had no idea what I was wearing). And Omega’s eye for a good shot to include the beauty of the surrounding landscape on the Sandals property was impressive.

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One Wednesday, March 15th, my husband and I went for a Power 360 Cruise with Island Routes. We cruised around the island of Antigua on a catamaran while enjoying breathtaking views of the island, dashing waves on the Atlantic Ocean, snorkeling at Green Island, and witnessing the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. The catamaran boat captain was very skilled at maneuvering the choppy waves on the Atlantic side. It was a fun ride and we were impressed with his experience.

On Thursday, March 16th, we went to the beach again. The butlers had two chairs under an umbrella set up for us daily. And the amazing spot at the beach was equipped with a cooler full of our favorite drinks. On this day, a couple of Antigua police officers were combing the beach and I noticed this female police officer and her K-9. It touched my heart because I could see the loyalty and fully appreciate it after owning a service dog that is trained to be my loyal K-9 companion. I thought this picture was beautiful and I asked for permission before taking the photo out of respect for her.

Antigua Police Officer and her K-9 keeping us safe on the beach at Sandals.

On Friday, March 17th, we went on a snorkeling trip with Sandals and later on in the day, we went on a Sunset Cruise with Island Routes. The snorkeling trip was a short fifteen minute boat ride out to Paradise Reef in Dickenson Bay. We boarded the boat from the beach at the Sandals Resort. We were pleasantly surprised at how incredible the reef was but quickly remembered that Antigua is known for being surrounded by protective reefs. The Caribbean waters were pretty choppy but it didn’t matter because the snorkeling experience at Paradise Reef with the fish and sea creatures was unforgettable.

Later on in the day we went for our sunset catamaran cruise. This too was incredible and very relaxing compared to our high speed power catamaran ride around the island. We cruised at a low speed and were able to slow down a bit and take in the scenery of the island of Antigua and an incredible sunset over the wide open Caribbean Sea. We really enjoyed this low key activity after snorkeling and laying out on the beach all day. It gave us yet another opportunity to enjoy a unique sunset while on our dream vacation at Sandals Grande Antigua.

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