Our Hiking Adventure with the Appalachian Mountain Club in New Hampshire

My husband and I are disabled US Air Force veterans. We signed up for the Wounded Warrior Project a little over a year ago. We both have benefited greatly from the experiences. We have focused mostly on self-improvement but this event was a little different. Wounded Warrior Project organized a couple hikes with the Appalachian Mountain Club guides in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. We showed up to the lodge on a Friday, hiked to Middle Sugarloaf on Saturday, and hiked to Arethusa Falls on Sunday. It was really nice to get outdoors, hike, socialize, and have fun at the AMC Highland Center with fellow WWP Alumni and their families.

We are very appreciative of everything both these organizations do for us. These kinds of events pull us out of isolation and create an opportunity for veterans to bond with one another. We have a shared understanding that we never have to explain. We always gain new friends and a better understanding of ourselves thanks to these events. It is my hope to inspire others to get involved with WWP so they too can have these rich experiences that build not only friendships but confidence in ourselves. We share resources, coping strategies, and things that we normally wouldn’t share with just anyone. We feel a sense of camaraderie because we now have a team to help work through the issues.

Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
Lee on our ascent to Middle Sugarloaf in Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire.
Onyx is my rock scrambler. She loves to walk and hike with me. She has been a great service dog and companion. This is Onyx at the summit of Middle Sugarloaf.
Jennifer, Lee, and Onyx at the summit of Middle Sugarloaf. In the background, you can see the snowy summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
Our group on the descent from Middle Sugarloaf in Crawford Notch State Park in New Hampshire. We had guides in both lead and sweep.
Sarah is one of the AMC guides. After our hike, she taught us how to use the Jet Boils that WWP gave to us for future hikes.
AMC invited all the folks at the lodge to listen to ghost stories by Joan Veilleux on Halloween. We learned about two local legends, Ned Green and Lizzie Bourne. They both died on Mount Washington and according to the locals, they are still hanging around.
Arethusa Falls, Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire
On Sunday, we hiked to Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch State Park. These falls are the second tallest falls in New Hampshire, measuring at 140 ft. Pictured is Stacy, Navy veteran, Jennifer, and Onyx.

Ned Green Website
Death on Mt. Washington: The Tale of Lizzie Bourne
Middle Sugarloaf (AMC)
Arethusa Falls (AMC)

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