Steven Rambam Takes on Two Cases of Military Fraud

Steven Rambam, Nowhere To Hide

Steven Rambam of New York is an excellent private investigator. Not only does he do his job with honor but he also does it with heart. It becomes abundantly clear how much he cares about the people who hire him as each and every story unfolds on his Investigation Discovery show, Nowhere To Hide. Steven Rambam is not afraid of the truth and he is not afraid to take on the cases no one else will touch.

Last night Steven Rambam discussed two cases of military fraud. One was a case of fraud against a military member stationed temporarily in Honduras. The other case was about an internet scam out of Nigeria that used military profiles on Facebook to bilk the victims out of thousands of dollars. Both of these cases provided valuable lessons to both military members and those that support and honor the work of our military members.

The first military fraud case involved a US Army Military Police officer who was temporarily stationed in Honduras. The soldier had met a Honduras woman who he became involved with until he left that location. After he left, the woman from Honduras contacted him via the internet to let him know that she gave birth to his child. The soldier admitted being happy about the child and immediately accepted his responsibility by sending financial support to the mother of his child.

After awhile, both the soldier and his new wife began to become suspicious because the mother of the child was evasive, not willing to bring the child to the US, and kept asking for more and more money. They decided that they needed to find out once and for all if this child was his. While the soldier was deployed to Iraq, his wife hired Steven Rambam to investigate the situation for him.

Unfortunately, their suspicions were right. Steven Rambam found out that not only was the child not his but there was NO child. After tracking her for a week or so in Honduras, it became painfully clear that not only was this woman committing fraud against this particular soldier but also many others. It was a devastating realization to the soldier and his new wife to learn that he had been defrauded. He lost tens of thousands of dollars and also grieved a child he never had.

Steven followed up with the US military after an unsuccessful attempt to capture her in Honduras. He informed them of what was happening in an effort to prevent other soldiers from becoming victims of this scam. It was painful for the soldier to learn that he never had a child. It’s a sad thing when someone defrauds you and manipulates your emotions in the process.

The next scenario was a case of fraud against civilians by military posers. Scammers in Nigeria accessed real soldier’s Facebook accounts, stole the pictures, and created new fake accounts using the soldier’s pictures and information. They then proceeded to prey on patriotic citizens who had a deep admiration and respect for our military. In his investigation, Steven Rambam found two different Americans, both a man and a woman, who had become victims of this military poser fraud. Both had believed that the male or female soldier cared about and/or loved them and agreed to send them money as a result.

Stars, Stripes, and Broken Hearts was a very informative show for both our military members and those in awe of our military members. The worst part about this crime is that the offenders used emotional manipulation to gain access to the victim’s finances. The offenders were from Honduras and Nigeria making the cases that much more complicated. Although, the Nigerian fraud scam is currently under investigation. The victims were not only out thousands of dollars but they were left with broken hearts. The lessons here are be very careful who you get tangled up with on-line and check your security settings if you would like to prevent others from taking your pictures. These scammers target military members and use their good name to target others.

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3 thoughts on “Steven Rambam Takes on Two Cases of Military Fraud

  1. I may have met a scammer I’m not really sure if I’m actually talking to the soldier is Cell or if someone has stolen his identity no I have not sent money but there are other incidents that make me believe that he is a scammer

  2. I don’t have money to find out if this person has stolen a soldier’s identity I would like to know how can I find out without it costing me money that I don’t have

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