Inside the Home of President Andrew Johnson, Greeneville, Tennessee

The Home of Andrew Johnson is located downtown not far from the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site Visitor Center in Greeneville, Tennessee.
The street view of the Home of President Andrew Johnson in Greeneville, Tennessee.
A self portrait of President Andrew Johnson located at his home in Greeneville, Tennessee.
An original chest owned by President Andrew Johnson located in his bedroom at his home in Greeneville, Tennessee.
President Andrew Johnson’s wife Eliza had consumption, also known as tuberculosis. She spent a lot of time in her own bedroom at the Homestead in Greeneville, Tennessee.
President Andrew Johnson had five children, two girls and three boys. He lost all three sons at a very young age. One to alcoholism, one to a horse accident, and another to a medical illness.
The dining room located at the Andrew Johnson home. It was placed close to the kitchen in the basement of the house. The first floor was a sitting room and Eliza and Andrew’s bedrooms. The second floor was bedrooms for the children.
The kitchen located in the basement of the Andrew Johnson Homestead.
A view of the back of the Home of Andrew Johnson. This view helps you see where the kitchen and dining area are located in the basement. The porches are a great touch that come with a beautiful view of the Homestead.
View from the porches in the back of the house. The National Park sign gives you a great visual of how the Homestead was set up at one point in time.

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