Friends of Maine woman left confused by police shooting

Friends of Maine woman left confused by police shooting

RUMFORD — John Moore was watching “Hogan’s Heroes” on television Tuesday afternoon when he heard yelling in the backyard.

He opened the door to his deck and saw his friend Jessica Byrn-Francisco standing there, facing a police officer about 10 feet away. She had something in her hand, but he couldn’t see what it was. The officer had his gun drawn, pointed at her.

“The officer told Jessie: ‘Put the knife down,’ ” Moore said. Then an officer ordered Moore to shut his door.

“The next minute I heard two or three pops in the backyard,” he said. He peeked outside to see his friend lying on her side about 20 feet from the deck, close to where the officer with the gun had been standing.

“I saw Jessie laying in the snow, crying,” Moore said.

Then the yard was filled with officers, and he was again ordered to close his door and stay inside.

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