Retired APG general: The players change, the ‘GAM’ remains the same

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.53.38 PMRetired APG general: The players change, the ‘GAM’ remains the same

Sixteen years ago, Robert Shadley, then a major general in the Army, uncovered disturbing news from an important Army training facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Drill sergeants and other instructors were regularly using their power to get sexual favors from young female trainees, or sometimes even assaulting or raping them.

After spending two years investigating sex assaults at APG, Shadley says not much has changed in the Army a decade and a half later.

In his new book, “The GAMe: Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal,” released the spring by Beaver’s Pond Press, the former general points out the U.S. Department of Defense‘s latest estimates show that at least 18,000 service members are sexually assaulted each year, and possibly as many as 26,000.

“We can see that the problem has not abated,” Shadley said on Wednesday, speaking by phone from his home in Wayzata, Minn.

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One thought on “Retired APG general: The players change, the ‘GAM’ remains the same

  1. The military never does anything to protect their solders. Here it is young people each year leave their homes in hopes to start some sort of career in service and then something happens/ the military is so so hippo critical in the way they handle sexual assault against women/ they want you to report it or feel comfortable reporting it to your chain of command and nine times out ten they are the ones who is doing the assaulting or they tell you oh you shouldn’t say anything because it won’t go anywhere because the person you are reporting holds a certain position or maxs his physical fitness test/ but my question is what does all that have to do with what’s going on/ its like watching paint dry because the military does Nothing to protect female solders. They point the finger and turn against the person who was violated.. Such a damn shame

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