Jennifer Norris, Veteran, Military Crime Historian & Policy Analyst, Military Justice for All (Media)

Military Justice for All

Helping Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma, The Boston Globe (2012)

Air Force Sexual Abuse Trial Gets Underway, NBC Nightly News (2012)

Preventing Rapes in the Military, Andrea Mitchell Reports, MSNBC (2012)

Sexual Assault in the US Military, Minnesota Public Radio (2012)

Lackland Sex Scandal Continues to Roil Air Force, Houston Chronicle, Texas (2012)

Don’t Suffer in Silence: VA Offers Help for Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Dept of Veteran Affairs (2012)

Military Moves to Combat Sexual Assault, Huffington Post Live, (2012)

Jennifer Norris: Lackland Press Conference, Protect Our Defenders (2012)

Sexual Assaults Plague Military After Decades of Reform, Bloomberg (2012)

Can Counseling Complicate Your Security Clearance?, NPR (2012)

Question 21: Does it Punish Troops Who are Victims of Sexual Assault?, The Christian Science Monitor (2012)

The Enemy Within, National Journal (2012)

Lackland Sex Scandal Gets House Hearing as Air Force Inquiry Continues, Huffington Post Politics (2013)

Jennifer Norris’ Story, As Prepared for her January 23, 2013 Testimony Before the House Armed Services Committee  VIDEO (2013)

Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Lackland Air Force Base, C-SPAN (2013)

Movie Looks at Epidemic of Sexual Assault in the Military, Thomas Roberts, MSNBC (2013)

Air Force Creating ‘Battle Rythm’ to Stop Sexual Assault, Federal News Radio (2013)

Pentagon Battling Military Rape ‘Epidemic’, CBS Evening News (2013)

A Review of Sexual Misconduct by Basic Training Instructors at Lackland Air Force Base: House Armed Services Committee Testimony, Jennifer Norris, Huffington Post (2013)

Film Sheds Light on Sexual Assault in the Military, WGBH News, MA (2013)

A Victim of Military Sexual Assault on General Sinclair’s Plea Deal, Ian Masters (2013)

Sexual Abuse Victim Compares Military Service to Being Trapped in a ‘Domestic Violence Relationship’, Public Radio International (2013)

Air Force Commander Defends Overturning Sexual Assault Guilty Verdict, CBS News (2013)

Sex Assault Victims Can Get Counseling Without Disclosure, Bloomberg (2013)

Cracking Down on Military Rapes, The Daily Beast (2013)

Kuster: Action is Need to Address Military Sexual Assaults, Keene Sentinel (2013)

Testimony by Jennifer Norris, Senator Gillibrand’s Press Conference Announcing Gillibrand Bill (May 15), Protect Our Defenders (2013)

Sexual assault victim: “The system is rigged”, CBS News (2013)

Military cracks down on rampant sexual abuse, CBS Evening News (May 2013)

Military Sexual Assault Victim Jennifer Norris Discusses New Bill, Gannett Company, Washington DC (2013)

Gillibrand Builds Bipartisan Support for Change of Military Justice Code, RH Reality Check (2013)

Pentagon: 500 Sex Assault Cases per Week Unreported in the Military, News Nation, MSNBC (2013)

Bill attacks ‘epidemic’ of military sexual assaults, The Kennebec Journal, Maine (2013)

Jennifer Norris Discusses Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military, CCTV America (May 2013)

Advocate: Military Transfer Policy Hurt Local Sex Assault Victim, KATU, OR (2013)

Sexual Assault Surging in the Military, RT America (2013)

With Military Failing To Prosecute Rapists, Calls Grow for Civilian Prosecutor, The Real News (2013)

Prosecution Rates for Military Rape Too Low, Advocate Says, Sputnik News (2013)

Advocate calls Air Force general’s forced retirement insufficient, Sputnik News (2014)

Military Women: We Got Fired for Being Raped, NBC Bay Area, California (2014)

The US Military Would Prefer Not To Fight Sexual Assault, Sputnik News (2014)

Military Sexual Assault Bill Passed by Senate Leaves Victims Vulnerable to Retaliation, The Real News (2014)

Senate Unanimously Passes Sexual Assault, But What Will it Change?, The Real News (2014)

Air Force abuse ‘was not bad luck, but a calculated crime’ – US veteran & rape victim, RT America (2018)

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